About Us

Rich & SAM Malone (how could I NOT marry my husband to get a name like that!)  

A free bottle of red and white Portguese wine awaits every weekly booking!. CHEERS!

We are fortunate enough to have travelled the globe, be it for fun, in search of empty surfable waves or latterly working as Captain & Chef to discerning guests on high-end charter yachts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific.  It seems fitting that we have made landfall in Portugal with its rich seafaring history and particularly in a village named Bom Vento - Good Wind.  We have been truly overwhelmed by the welcome and warmth of the Portuguese people and are loving landbased adventures in this relatively undiscovered country.  After living in limited space afloat we are also luxuriating in the ability to ramble in our 4 1/2 acre valley.  The 10 year renovation of Quinta Do Bom Vento has certainly not been plain sailing, but has been a labour of love  and all our quintanahs are named after bodies of water that we have sailed in .  With our background in the hospitality industry where the expectations of the guest has been our priority,we understand the special touches that go to make your vacation comfortable, relaxing and unforgettable.  We have always enjoyed meeting people during our travels and now we and Scrabble the dog look forward to welcoming you aboard at QBV. (Portugal is famous for its sausages!)

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