Leave A8 exit 15

Go LEFT at the first roundabout which will lead you up to the walled ‘city’ of Obidos and under the aqueduct with the big gravel carpark on your left.  At the mini roundabout go LEFT direction Capeleira and you will go under the aqueduct again

We are just over 7 Km from here – it is a long slow hill which keeps climbing. You will leave Capeleira and then enter Usseira, keep going.

At about 5K up the hill you will pass a restaurant / bar on your right called Manjar D’Obidos.  Shortly after this you will see a small sign for ‘petrol 500m’ on your right, and it is at this fork you want to go LEFT (there is a rusty sign on the right saying Bom Vento) 

(if you actually miss this and end up with the petrol station on your right, turn left at this crossroads and you will join up at (* below)

This will lead you to a junction where you go straight on (after checking for traffic from right and there will be a sign for the cemetery on left).  *You will pass a large fruit warehouse GRANFER on right and enter village of BOM VENTO

At the BUMPS sign, just past a small ‘mosque’ looking church on right there will be a turning on your left, but keep going straight.

About 400metres on you will pass a tiny school (don’t blink) then see a large warehouse/barn on the right with a mirror.  This is where you take the turning on the LEFT. This is Rua Nossa Senhora do Socorro (the sign is high on the wall of the building on the right hand corner.  You will know you have taken the correct turning if you are climbing a steep rise with a really ugly brown tower with an illuminated star at the right on the top of this climb.  And If you reach a Cafe Hortense on your right you have definitely missed the turn and gone too far.

But hopefully you are winding your way along Rua Nossa Senhora do Socorro, past all the houses and farms and taking care of the loose dogs and narrowing sections.  This road eventually goes to gravel so just keep going on the tarmac for just over 1km.  When a wider road merges from the left the name of the road changes to Vale da Caniciera (wouldn’t you love to be a postie in Portugal!) and it is a small sign easily missed.  However there is a big new lemon coloured house on the left with white picket style fence, then 3 more buildings and our entrance is immediately after the last building on the left.  There are some decorative terracotta pagoda like lights on the gateposts  (There is another building on the right with some cacti beyond that and our turning is just opposite that).  On the gatepost it reads 99  MALONE

If you miss it, 500 yards further on the tarmac road comes to an end (there are 3 or 4 houses off this end bit) Turn around go back and the orchards and open land on the right will end where our drive is.


Coming out of the Airport hire car garage bear right and you come to a yield. DO NOT go up the ramp to the right. Keep left to go under the bridge, then you want to get into RIGHT HAND lane as taking FIRST EXIT from roundabout – the 2nd circular.

Now on the 2nd circular, take exit 5 A8 – LOURES (A8 OESTE)

You will come to a set of lights, keep going straight across.

Now on 2-3 lane carriageway, following A8 direction Leiria ultimately. Pick up ticket at toll booth and pay at other end, approx 30 minute drive. The toll will be 4.85 Euros

From the A8,take exit 12 and turn right at the T Junction. You will pass a garden centre on the right.

A little further on you enter “Paul” and you take the next right  very soon after this sign, (with occasionally working traffic lights.)


500 metres up you go under the A8. Turn RIGHT immediately and take the right hand road of the two. It will have a sign for Bom Vento.


This road will wind its way up a hill, through a hamlet called Barro Lobo, where at an obvious wide bit you could veer to the left, but stay to the right and continue on, still climbing until you come to a T junction at the top of the hill, (Café Hortense is on your right.)

Turn LEFT and a 100 metres later (just as you get into 3rd  gear) take first RIGHT (it is obscured by a large building but there is a concave mirror on the wall on the left) this is Rua Nossa Senhora do Socorro.


Keep going for 1.3 km - you will  pass a number of houses and farms, and eventually a wider road merges from the left. Just after you pass this road there will be a big new mustard coloured house on the left with white picket fence.  Our entrance is about 3 houses down from here on the LEFT- (immediately after a big barn on the right and before the big cactus patch on the right!)

On the lefthand gatepost there is a little post box house and it reads 99  MALONE

If you miss it, 500 yards further on the tarmac road comes to an end (there are 3 or 4 houses off this end bit) Turn around go back and the orchards and open land on the right will end where our drive is.


Small Heading

GPS coordinates are 39 19'31.73N          09 8'15.10W

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